April 17 2014, 12pm

If you dislike white people calling you nigga, why do black people call each other that? The more you continue to use it, the more other races will too. You're simply prolonging the use of a racist term. It's stupid.



Are you uneducated or stupid? I say both. We say it , we refer to our brothers and sisters of color , We as a race turned something so negative among others to be positive among ourselves . As much as we are arrested for no fucking reason , and depicted as fucking animals STILL ( assumed to be full of illegal activity or shit being handed to us because we are black , quick to label black people ratchet or have the fixated idea we are or fit into a fucking stereotype.) We should be entitled to a fucking word. How about I call you cracker? As in The ones who cracked the whips against our backs , I’d be racist wouldn’t I? After claiming us as property and segregation , and how many people killed us for what ? Our hair and the amount of melanin in our skin? We can’t have a word because the greed that runs through your veins wants to be entitled to everything. 


April 15 2014, 10pm


When The Avengers came out I wanted Clint and Natasha to be secret!married so bad, but now after The Winter Soldier I want it even more because Steve finds out and then his first thought is oh my god I kissed a married woman and he doesn’t know whether or not to confess because it was work-related but his conscience is eating away at him and finally he gives in but then he just can’t because Clint’s laughing so damn hard he can’t even hear himself speaking.

April 15 2014, 10pm


the dude who pulls out a cigarette in front of a girl with lung cancer and then acts like sir dickweed mcfucklamp when she doesn’t understand the worst metaphor on earth seems to be tumblr’s newest squeeze

April 15 2014, 10pm


*puts pocky stick in my mouth* see, its a metaphor, i put the weeaboo thing in my mouth without eating it, so im technically not a weeb

April 15 2014, 6pm

Send me a character and I’ll tell you;


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April 14 2014, 10pm

Cell Block Tango (He Had It Coming) by Chicago Soundtrack || Times played:48,881

April 14 2014, 9pm

how about we do the ships thing?

put a fandom in my ask and i’ll answer:

  • otp
  • favourite canon pairing
  • worst pairing ever
  • guilty pleasure pairing
  • a pairing you want to see more
  • that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” 

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